Ironman Wisconsin Champ!

Ironman Wisconsin Champ!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Assessing the Damage

Yesterday I assessed the damage of the offseason: I stepped on a scale for the first time since September. The last time I weighed myself was the week leading up to Rev3 Cedar Point when I was at peak fitness. The number I saw then: 146.4 pounds. The offseason damage report: 159.6 pounds yesterday morning. No wonder 6min pace was so difficult to hold during my tempo run! The weight is about what I was expecting. What's more is that I'm up to 60 miles per week running and can tell that I've already lost an estimated 5-6 pounds. I still have yet to start swimming or cycling, this week will mark four months away from the bike and the pool. I plan to start swimming this week but it could be another three weeks before I get back on the bike. Three weeks are left in the collegiate swim season and once it wraps up I'll instantly have an extra 3-5 hours each day to train, the time I am currently spending coaching. I'm really not too worried. My experience tells me that the aerobic base I have from running will bring my swim and bike fitness along much quicker than if I wasn't exercising at all right now. Running is by far the most time efficient way to build the aerobic engine (not to mention lose weight) and in past years I've questioned how much I am really gaining by doing 2-3 hour aerobic rides on the trainer. What I'm doing certainly isn't the ideal way to be training right now but I'm confident I'll be in at least respectable shape come May and no reason I can't be coming into peak form in mid-July when I plan my first block of peak races.

A couple pics I snapped of my legs last September, the week of Rev 3

Pic of the same leg today, pitiful

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tri Gear Sale

Making room for new sponsors in 2011, in fact I'll have 100% new sponsors for this upcoming season as my team of the past two years no longer exists. Will be on a new team for the upcoming season, that will be the subject of a future post. The subject of this post is some used equipment that I have to get rid of to make room for the new gear. If you are in need of a road or TT bike, or speedskin, there are some smokin' deals below. If interested, contact me through the link below, I'll be happy to provide anyone with more information or pictures.

1. Valdora XRD full build carbon road bike w/full Dura Ace components, training wheels (comes ready to ride minus pedals). Size 56. A few months of use and less than 500 miles, perfect condition. Price-$1700 (MSRP $3425)

2. Ceepo Singer Carbon TT bike frame, fork, & seatpost. Size 54. Used for 9 months. Price-??? Have had this frame sitting around unused for two years. If you want it I'll work out a price with you, just want to get it sold at this point. Could possibly transfer components from one of the other frames onto this one to make it a full build. Great bike, rode a 2:07 56 mile bike split on this frame

3. BlueSeventy Point Zero 3+ Swim skin. Have one used and one that's never been taken out of the box. Used-$50 New-$150 (MSRP $400)