Ironman Wisconsin Champ!

Ironman Wisconsin Champ!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Memphis in May-Second Again

Memphis in May

Swim: 21:13  5th fastest split
Bike: 55:28  26.5mph, 299 watts  2nd fastest split
Power file:
Run: 35:57 2nd fastest split
Overall: 1:54:08  Second place

Swim was awful for the second race in a row and continues to be a mystery to me.  The way I'm training and feeling heading into a race seems to have zero correlation to how I will actually swim.  I can have a pretty good sense for how a bike and run will go beforehand, the swim I have no idea.  It's very possible that I threw away a professional win with the way I swam today.
I struggled on the bike and never felt good or like I had strong legs.  Just battled the entire way.  Stiff headwind on the way out, first 14 miles @ 23.9mph and 308 watts.  Last 10 miles @ 31.2mph and 283 watts.  Good news is that despite feeling bad and not producing the power I was expecting I still rode pretty fast and passed a lot of people.  I came into this race off my biggest bike training week of the year and a 9 hour drive the day before.  Not a huge surprise or mystery that my legs were not sharp.
The run was the bright spot.  With the 10:30am start we hit the run at noon under the strong southern sun, with humidity and the heat index in the upper 80s.  Despite coming from Iowa the heat never bothered me.  It slowed things no doubt, but not as much for me as for most others.
Overall I was disappointed with my swim, pleased with my run, and most happy that despite not feeling 'on' in this race I stayed mentally engaged in the race the entire way which is something I haven't always done in the past.  I credit staying mentally in the race through the rough times with getting me the second place finish.  Also the very weak pro field in the race didn't hurt my cause either.  In a normal pro field I wouldn't have placed with this performance after the way I swam and biked.  Good race choice for early in the season to get a good result and some confidence moving forward.  My fourth time to race MIM and my fourth second place at MIM.  Looking forward to Kansas 70.3 in 3 weeks which will be my first focus race of the year.