Ironman Wisconsin Champ!

Ironman Wisconsin Champ!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Rev 3 Cedar Point 140.6-All in!

On September 12 I will be making my full-Iron debut at the Rev 3 Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio. After performing below my ability and expectation for most of the summer I decided it was a good time to try something new for a change, I had nothing to lose. I put together a very aggressive training plan which I did not know if I was physically capable of completing and launched full force into Iron distance training with the mentality that if the training didn't break me first then there's no way I wouldn't be ready to go 140.6. It was full commitment and focus, all the eggs into the Rev 3 basket. I did not race once during the month of August, everything was focused on completing the training necessary to get me into peak shape for Rev 3. Now, just 13 days out from race day and transitioning into taper mode I am happy to report that the training did not break me and I believe that I have put together the fitness necessary for a successful 140.6 miles of swimming, cycling, and running. Below is a recap of my August training, the most extensive training block I have ever put in.

Week 1 August 1-7: This was a cycling-focused week which started the day after my last race, the Steelhead 70.3. Highlight workouts for the week include a 22 mile long run and a 120 mile long ride. In total I logged 45 hours of training for the week-broken down that's 13k swimming, 500 miles on the bike, 75 miles running, and 90minutes of strength/lifting in 7 days. Four of my seven rides this week were in excess of 70 miles.

Week 2 August 8-14: Run focused week which was made difficult by the fact that we went 7 straight days this week where the heat index broke 100. Highlight workouts include a 24 mile long run and a track workout of 12 x 1600. 34 hours of training this week broken down as 20k swimming, 260 miles cycling, 90 miles running, 90 minutes lifting. These numbers would have likely been a little higher without the heat.

Week 3 August 15-21: Cycling focus. Highlights include a 7.5 hour 140 mile ride and a track workout of 40 x 400. 45 hours of training broken down as 17k swimming, 500 miles cycling, 75 miles running, 90 minutes lifting.

Week 4 August 22-28: Swimming focus. Highlights include a 10k straight open water swim, my first day off of the entire month, and a race day simulation where I rode 75miles in just over 3 hours and then proceeded to blowup hard running afterwards-that part wasn't really a highlight. 32 hours training this week broken down as 38k swimming, 280 miles cycling, 60 running, 90 minutes lifting.

That brings us to this week and I am now resting up, allowing my body to absorb all the training of this past month. Hence, I actually have some free time to update my blog. So after tomorrow, for the 31 days of August my training totals will be:
91k swimming: 3k/day average
1617 miles cycling: 52/day average
312 miles running: 10/day average
165 hours: 5.3/day average

A result of all of the training from this month is that I've lost about 5 pounds of body weight and have leaned out significantly. I've been pleasantly surprised by how well the training has gone and how I've handled the volume. I think the key to the success of this training block was a combination of the change in routine, focus on one race, and the pure fun of taking on a brand new challenge. I think my training and my mentality had gotten a little stale over the past year without a single, clear-cut focus, and the same sort of training routine week in and out, a lot of the fun was gone. This training block has been a very refreshing, welcomed change. Even though it is significantly more training than I have ever done I have actually felt less tired this month than in the past and have been a much more motivated, positive, and having more fun than I have in a long time. After all, it was Ironman that first got me excited about triathlon way back at the age of 12. Excited to see what September 12 brings.


  1. I watched that training on a daily basis. Freakin animal. That will even serve you NEXT year. Best of luck. I will just say to race your own race. This seems to be the big thing for pros especially in their first race. That training was monster and will serve you well.

  2. Not sure if the 38k of swimming in one week, or the 40x400 workout was the most intimidating. Well, all the above. Really hope it goes well for you.