Ironman Wisconsin Champ!

Ironman Wisconsin Champ!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Pigman Sprint aka Iowa World Championships

Pigman Sprint Triathlon   500/25k/5k

Swim: 6:26  8th fastest split
Bike: 37:01  25.8mph  313 average watts  2nd fastest split
Power file:
Run: 16:45 4th fastest split
Overall: 1:02:51  2nd

The swim wasn't good, but it was much better than my first two races this year and showed promise.  But with it being just a 6 minute swim I'm not going to pass too much judgement, anyone with any type of fitness can fake a 6 minute swim.  Came out right in the middle of the action, first 6 guys all out of T1 within about 15 seconds.  Pace was all out start of the bike and good thing I got going cause top 3 guys separated from next 3 within the first 5 minutes, then the whole bike it was myself, David Thompson, and Dan Hedgecock together.  I'm pretty confident I was the strongest on the bike, I lead a lot of the way but am not strong enough to overcome the 3 bike length draft zone of an age group race in order to drop the other two.  In hindsight maybe I should have sat in the back more, conserved, and then launched a big attack.  Leading into the headwind wasn't the smartest, I just allowed the other two to rest.  Dan ran a 14:09 5k on the track in college so I knew it was a tall task trying to win starting the run with him.  Managed to split just 20 seconds slower than him on the run, was able to drop DKT at 2 miles to bring home second.  I wanted to win, but this race was definitely a step forward and my best performance of the year.  Excited to see what happens next weekend, I think the fitness is there for a good race.  The competitive side of me can't help but wonder if I had raced different could I have gotten away on the bike and been able to win today, a little disappointed I admit.  My Iowa win streak is over, since 2007 I've raced 10 triathlons in Iowa, I won the first 9, today I didn't.  Just have to start a new streak.

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