Ironman Wisconsin Champ!

Ironman Wisconsin Champ!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Decatur Tri-Midwest Gem

Decatur Lakeside Tri  1200m/19 miles/4.5 miles

Swim: 15:38  3rd fastest
Bike: 41:42  27.6mph  317 watts  Fastest split
First half: 324w 27.0mph 115ft elevation gain  cross/tail wind
Second half: 309w 28.2mph 115ft elevation loss  cross/head wind
Power file:
Run: 24:53  3rd fastest
Overall: 1:23:33  Career win #42

Swim was pretty average, by myself entire way, out of the water in third, minute down.  Got to work on the bike, had good legs.  Wanted to push 320w for the ride.  Was at 324w at the turnaround but couldn't quite sustain it the second half.  Took the lead just before halfway and pulled away pretty quickly.  Lead moto was staying way too close and I was catching a bit of a draft and getting some of the cross wind blocked.  Doubt it made any difference in the race outcome.  Fastest bike split by nearly 2 minutes and onto the run course with a 2 minute lead and the only real runner threat 5 minutes down.  Legs took first 5 minutes to recover then were good.  Ran an honest pace but without being pressed never went to that last gear.  Good win, racing well right now, especially on the bike, never had legs like this before.  27.6mph my fastest average speed ever.  Perfect tuneup for Muncie, excited to see what I can do there.  Thinking my 3:52 PR from 2008 should be going down.

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