Ironman Wisconsin Champ!

Ironman Wisconsin Champ!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

2013 Season Finished!

My 2013 race season has concluded, I made the decision this past week to withdrawal from Ironman Arizona.  After having a really great season, the past 6 weeks have been a real struggle.  I've been sick on three separate occasions in the past month which is highly unusual for me.  In addition training has really been challenging since Ironman Wisconsin, my body has not been responding or recovering like it was all season.  I gave it until the very last week to come around but after thinking about it for some time I really think it is in my best interest to call it a year and not force my body to put out another Ironman.  If it was any other race distance I'd go and try to "fudge" my way through, but I have too much respect for the Ironman distance and the damage it can do to the body than to go in with a body that is giving me signs that it is time to shut it down for the year.  This has been my most demanding race season to date with six Half Ironmans (five of which I finished under 4 hours) plus a full Ironman on a difficult course.  It's been an incredible ride and it's not with sadness that my season is finished, it's with happiness because I'm confident I got everything out of myself this year.

My 2013 race season will go down in history as 'Year of the Second Place Finish'

New Orleans 70.3  12th
Memphis in May  2nd
Pigman Sprint  2nd
Kansas 70.3  2nd
Decatur Lakeside  1st
Muncie 70.3  4th (2nd American)
Racine 70.3  8th (2nd American)
Steelhead 70.3  2nd
Pigman Olympic  1st
Ironman Wisconsin  2nd
Galveston 5150  2nd
Austin 70.3  8th


  1. You are a beast!! And very inspiring! Congrats on an AWESOME season. Enjoy the off-season and you'll be even better next year I'm sure. Thanks for everything you do as an athlete, role model, and ambassador for the sport

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